Saturday, February 16, 2008


Welcome to the February 16, 2008 edition of boarding.


The above pictures are from the magazine Popular Science. I was looking through it and we felt it was necessar

y to share with all of our members and bloggers. They are pictures on building your own All-Terrain Skateboard. You can either pick up March 2008's Popular Science Magazine or go t

o if you want to find out more about building your own 20mph all terrain skateboard. Also below we have a fellow blogger who has submitted a neat little clip on a dog that can surf. Check it out at the link he posted, and come back and submi

t your comments. We greatly appreciate all your info and comments so please tell us how you feel.

Daniel Lafleche presents Sell Sheet Sampler: Charming clip from TV series 'Animal Crackers' posted at The IPEX Blog, saying, "This is a cool video clip about an extreme sports enthusiast and his Jack Russell terrier who surf, kayak, cliff jump, and mountain climb together."

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