Sunday, February 10, 2008

Proud Sponsors of Michigan

Spark Boards Inc. is proud to announce the challenge of taking Michigan under the wing and making a difference. As you may or may not know the automotive companies in the state of michigan have not been doing very well. Many people have lost there jobs and many more are losing there jobs. This in fact makes the rest of the economy of the wonderful state fall. People are leaving this beautiful all season state and going to states that have lower taxes, and possibly higher job demand. Spark has recently created a plan to turn the state completely around and it is going to take all of our readers, customers, and supporters to do so. We want to give clothes to kids who may not afford them, create and help build better recreational centers, open up more jobs, and turn this state completely around. We plan on doing this one project at a time and the more funding we get the sooner we will be able to meet our goal. You can help us by clicking around this site, purchasing clothing from our company, or by donating money. We appreciate all your help and want to start by showing you a few places we will begin: Contacting 242community, Contacting Town Halls, handing out as many t-shirts as we can to kids in need in multiple locations, and everything we possibly can!

We need your HELP lets MAKE a DIFFERENCE!

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