Friday, February 8, 2008

Snowboarding Michigan!

Best Mountains in Michigan and where we've been:

Boyne Mountain - Located in Northern Michigan at Boyne Falls. This is a decent place to ride the terrain park is mainly on one run. Decent 5 to 6 minute runs.

Nubs Nob - Located in Harbor Springs Michigan. Awesome scenery, great terrain park, decent size mountain, and fun for everyone! Great place for all levels of riders and if you are just THAT good then master your moves on the terrain park.

Crystal Mountain - Located in Thomsonville Michigan. By far one of the best all around mountains I have ever been to! You could board here ALL day and not get sick of this place. Crazy halfpipe, awesome terrain park, great scenery.

Shanty Creek Resorts - Located in Bellaire Michigan. Locals call this place Schuss mountain because it is the biggest of there "power of three" Schuss mountain has a pretty good terrain park and a few different neat scenic runs to go down. If you know the place well you can make your own runs through the trees where the best fresh powder is ;)

Mt.Brighton - Located in Brightin Michigan or lower Michigan. This mountain should be called a hill the runs are short, the lifts are slow, and the terrain park consists of an icy lopsided halfpipe, and a few rails next to a tow rope. Dont recommend boarding here unless you live in Brighton or real close by.

Alpine Valley
- Located in White Lake Michigan. I have heard that this mountain was pretty decent similar in size to mount brighton. But a much better terrain park and more of a different feel to it. This place also has tubing which can get pretty intense!

Snow Snake - Located in Harrison Michigan. This place is pretty small I have to admit. They only reason it goes on this post is because when I went there one word... POWDER! Although it was small with two lifts it had the best powder in michigan. Had a decent little terrain park with a couple of good jumps and some strategically placed rails.

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